orange and plum, still tight after five years in the shelter. sibling love is the strongest love

about orange's fur. she lost a lot of fur a couple of years ago. we got a whole bunch of tests done, and they all came back negative. we went ahead and treated her for a fungal infection anyway, but nothing changed

we eventually realized she was stressed because we kept rescuing cats and the population in her zone kept growing. stress leads to fur loss because stressed cats overgroom themselves

so we stopped adding cats to orange's zone, and in fact took some out

it took a long time but all of orange's fur grew back

we resolved to build a public cat cafe or cat lounge: to alleviate boredom, to lower the population density, and to fuel adoptions

and thanks to an enormous donation from france, we had the funds to do it

the first step was building an extension with a foundation and roof, and we got that done - it now houses 26 cats in compartmentalized units, plus brooke

but as the shhelter lurched from crisis to crisis, we ended up squandering the remaining funds on various day-to-day things like vet bills, food, kitty litter, medicines, medical supplies, and maintenance

we eventually had to stuff more cats into orange's zone, and she started losing her fur, again. so we imposed another moratorium on additions (but made an exception for indiana)

lately orange's fur has started growing back again. but a lot of other cats also lost their fur, and many of them just keep getting worse

the one in worst shape right now is arthur; he's basically bald from the neck down. he may also be extra stressed because his siblings abby and andrew got adopted, leaving him behind without his soulmates. we energetically pursue adoptions, but they also cause problems

Date December 14, 2018 Tags orange, plum, arthur, abby, andrew

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