this morning we discovered a puncture wound on charlotte's shoulder, so we took her to a clinic that is open for a few hours on sundays. the vet opted not to uses stitches. back at the shelter, we gave her antibiotics and vitamins

we are baffled how she got the wound. there are no sharp objects in her unit, except button's fangs and teeth. while they do tumble around like most kittens, their play is less rough than that of the fiercesome trio of itty, bitty, and kitty, who really don't hold back. we never heard either charlotte or button yelping with pain. for now, we filed it away as a freak accident

charlotte is in a cone and isn't allowed to tumble until her wound heals. we transferred her unit to the office, which is air-conditioned, to keep the flies away from the wound

Date June 11, 2017 Tags button

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