when we first took fortune to a clinic on friday, the clinic found an insanely high WBC (white blood cell) count, and prescribed a powerful injectable antibiotic

yesterday we took fortune back to the clinic to see if it worked. it didn't work at all; her WBC count is even higher than before

the clinic advised us to continue with the antibiotic and prescribed two more antibiotics

however, we do not believe that fortune has an infection. she eats, as long as it's fancy feast. she is not presenting any clinical signs of infection. and her platelet count is sky-high as well

we know from experience that a cat with an infection so severe that her WBC count is 104 will not be eating. it won't even be sitting up, let alone walking

fortune's problem isn't an infection. it's a myeloproliferative neoplasm

that's a cancer residing in the bone marrow, and it causes abnormally high production of blood cells (blood cells are manufactured by bone marrow)

the overproduced white blood cells are clogging up her lymph nodes, but the cells themselves are not cancerous; that's why her biopsy returned a negative result

we removed her heplock. we will not be administering 8 extremely painful injections a day, or keeping her on a line. she is going back to her siblings fate and future. we will supply all 3 of them with unlimited fancy feast

when the time comes, and she can no longer eat, we will have her put to sleep. until then we will be providing her with as much love and comfort as possible

Date April 2, 2019 Tags sky

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