angel here would like to ask a little favor

as many of our donors are aware, donating to the shelter via paypal has been glitchy lately. this is a serious problem, because our fundraising has been severely impacted. although some of you found workarounds, the shelter subsists on numerous contributions from many donors

it has been a bit difficult for us to piece together what is happening, but here's what we know so far

a) when donating via our website using a smartphone, paypal may time out without completing the transaction

b) however, when donating via our website using a smartphone, but paying with a credit card instead of using paypal account funds, there is no issue

c) when going to our website using a laptop or desktop computer, instead of a phone, there is no issue, neither with paypal funds nor a card

for the shelter to raise enough funds, donors must be able to donate via paypal from their smartphones. asking people to fire up their laptops every time they donate is just not going to cut it

we need your help figuring this out. we need some volunteer testers

it would be awesome if you could donate just $1 or even just a few cents, and report in the comments which of the following works for you

1. we added a link to our please see if that works

2. if that doesn't work, please try fundrazr. as far as we are aware, nobody has reported any issues there

3. please try donating via our website using a phone again. maybe the issue has been cleared up by now

tap the link in our profile to reach any of these

thank you for your help. since before inception, happy animals club has been a community-driven animal shelter. we wouldn't be here if it weren't for your input and involvement

Date March 29, 2019 Tags angel

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