blackie, one of the three founding members of the club, did not want to walkie and was having trouble breathing

upon examination we saw the tell-tale purple blotches on her skin and pinpricks of blood on her gums, indicating thrombocytopenia, usually caused by ehrlichiosis

blackie did undergo treatment for ehrlichiosis after she was rescued, but we didn't know then what we know now, and merely followed the vet's prescription, which was flawed

she has of course been tick-free for years, but latent ehrlichiosis is often the first thing to pop up when the animal is weak or stressed

we are unsure what may have stressed blackie recently. yesterday she polished off her dinner in 10 seconds flat, as usual. nobody cleans her bowl as quickly and as thoroughly as blackie. she was dead last on our list of dogs likely to get sick

blackie has been in the oxygen chamber since early evening, and her breathing has stabilized. we have started her on doxycycline and steroids. she may need a blood transfusion to get her through tomorrow

Date May 27, 2018 Tags blackie

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