good evening. it is time for your nightly molly update

molly has not barfed since our last post about her. we are still ahead; since coming to the shelter she has gained about 200g, though half of that is probably just water weight

we fed her a syringe of slurry every 15 minutes throught the day, and injected her with an anti-emetic every six hours

this is the type of intensive care we were fully expecting to provide we rescued her, but she surprised us by eating on her own

at around 8:00 pm earlier this evening we tried giving her a proper meal for dinner, and she ate a lot. so far\u2014it's past 1:00 am here\u2014she has kept it down

we are guessing she was throwing up because of worms; yesterday we took a risk and dewormed her, and her poop is already looking much better

she is still unsteady as ever, but apart from that, things could be a whole lot worse

Date February 18, 2019

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