tawny has an uncommon skin problem on her cheek and under her jaw. on march 8, 2016, we posted a photo and asked if anyone had an idea what it might be. some people said it was cancer

our vet ran some tests but they all came back negative. he suggested we let dr joanna, a veteran vet who has a clinic across town, take a look

since it wasn't bothering tawny, we decided to wait a while to see if it would get worse or better. but 8 months later, it was exactly the same as before. so when we had to haul chipper to dr joanna's clinic last week, we took tawny along

dr joanna gave tawny a shot of convenia, which, at p2,000 or $42 per injection, is an insanely expensive antibiotic. if it works, the condition should start clearing up after about 2 weeks

Date November 16, 2016 Tags tawny

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