bohr used to be one of the best eaters in the dog yard. you could give him a huge portion of anything, and he'd polish it off in no time

then one day in february, all of a sudden, he stopped eating. he wouldn't eat at all. he'd take maybe one small bite, and that was it. in all other respects, he was normal - active, playful, and loud. he'd even hop in his feeding unit at dinner time, eager to eat, but only take a nibble

we took him to a clinic, and they did an ultrasound, they got x-rays, and they did blood tests. we expected them to find a chewed up slipper in his tummy. but they found nothing

the vet asked if he was being bullied. we said that he's been in the dog yard since being rescued as a puppy, and there was no change in the line up in bohr's yard. he knew everydoggy and got along well with everywoof

we had to get him to eat. so we cooked up choice morsels, just for him. every evening, we spent 30 minutes in the kitchen sauteing the perfect dinner just for bohr, like we did before for professor, cooper, and many other dogs

bohr ate some of the food we cooked. sometimes he ate a lot. sometimes he ate less. an appetite stimulant prescribed by the vet didn't seem to have much of an effect, and neither did rotating the menu. but somehow we were able to prevent him from losing much weight

over time, his eating improved, and eventually we started giving him regular dog chow again. he's now one of the slowest eaters, but on good days he will eat all of it, given enough time. on bad days we have to leave him in the feeding unit overnight

we were terrified he had some disease, but all that happened, essentially, is that bohr went from being one of the best eaters to being the worst. why that happened remains a complete mystery


Date June 9, 2017 Tags bohr, professor, cooper

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