inside the oxygen chamber, blackie seems stable. although her breathing is labored, she doesn't pant

but when we took her out for a minute so she could relieve herself, she was clearly in respiratory distress

she might need a transfusion, and she definitely needs tests to confirm our hypothesis of ehrlichiosis. but the one-hour trip to the clinic could well end up killing her. there is a nearer clinic with decent equipment, but they are fresh out of ehrlichiosis tests

another issue is that although the clinic has oxygen, they do not have a chamber, so someone needs to hold a mask over the patient's face. the clinic expects the owners to do that, but we have no-one to spare for that task; we could peel off a crew member, but he'd have to go home when his shift ends

our founder ken, our magic unicorn who can handle issues like this better than a paid adult, is out of town

if she doesn't get worse in the next few hours, we might just keep her here, and hope the chamber can keep her alive while we wait for the antibiotics kick in

at the moment, oxygen is probably more important than an IV drip or any supportive therapy the clinic can provide

Date May 28, 2018 Tags blackie

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