emma is fighting multiple battles simultaneously

one battle is her incision; that needs to heal cleanly. another battle is her digestion. her poop is liquid, we are guessing this is related to her deworming and not her accident, though incontinence is certainly common in cases like this. it is difficult to prevent her poop getting everywhere, including her incision

her biggest battle, however, is pain

every now and then she will start thrashing and twisting violently; her fracture is hurting, probably, but it is as if she is reliving the moment she got hit by a vehicle

we have no video of this since, obviously, every time she starts thrashing we drop the phone and try to calm her down

she is on painkiller, but there is only so much pain medication can do

many of you have asked if her hip can be fixed. based on a few web searches, this is possible in developed countries. but even in developed countries, the vet may opt to recommend cage rest. in emma's case, cage rest is the only option. but obviously cage rest is useless if it comes with bouts of violent thrashing, so we are worried

on the plus side, the swelling of her leg, which we didn't even get to posting about due to the nonstop cascade of emergencies, has subsided

Date March 5, 2019

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