it has been a night of vagina problems

first there was eclipse's afterbirth. this started coming out in dribs and drabs on friday. by saturday her vagina was clean and pink. the cowsitter said it had come out and that eclipse ate it. but we found more of it dangling today, and unlike the previous bits, it was putrefied and foul-smelling (lower left photo). last week, the vet had told us to 'gently pull it out' but it wouldn't come out and eclipse got vexed when we tugged too hard. some websites said to ignore it and wait so we did that. today we got rid of as much as would come out. a tube-like bit (lower right photo) remained and snapped. we then cleaned eclipse up as best as we could with a vaginal douche solution; this she did not mind and lifted her tail to cooperate. so far she is still eating well but we are worried

meanwhile, there was a commotion in the hut of dog yard 1, and we found the floor covered in blood. it seems to have come from angela's vagina, which was still dribbling

over the past few days we'd often see angela and one of the male dogs intertwined, always after dinner at night. angela would be whimpering and uncomfortable, so we'd dump water on the male's head to get them unlocked. angela was spayed a long time ago - angela's spay was our very first post on facebook - and all the males are neutered. (however, blackie, about 10 yards away in her apartment, seems to be in heat.) we carefully scrutinized all the dogs in the hut for wounds and found none. we also checked the genitals of all the male dogs; we found no blood, but did learn that male dogs are not necessarily averse to having their privates examined

angela is now temporarily bunking with tracy in apartment 1

Date October 3, 2016 Tags angela, blackie, tracy

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