Frequently Asked Questions
Here are some questions we are regularly contacted about. If you need to contact us, please be so kind as to check these questions first.

General Questions

Where is the Happy Animals Club located?

The shelter is located in Matina, Davao City, Davao del Sur, on the island of Mindanao, southern Philippines.

Can I visit the shelter?

We only have a skeleton staff and our schedule is fairly packed. For this reason, visits are by appointment only. Please contact us to make an appointment. Walk-in visitors will not be granted enter to the shelter premises.

Do you have a Facebook page or a Twitter?

Yes, in September of 2015, we set up this Facebook page.
Donating to the Shelter

Would you like to receive goods such as blankets, dog toys, dog food, etc?

It is unfortunately a bit difficult to receive things, as the post office here (a) does not deliver, everyone has to go there to pick up their packages which often don't arrive, and (b) charges taxes and fees, even for presents.

Can I send you dog food?

Please use the dog food to feed a stray dog or cat in your neighborhood, and, if possible, share the photos with us.

Do you have a bank account other than UnionBank, such as BDO, BPI, Landbank?

Sorry, no!

What is the procedure for adopting an animal?

Ken and his crew have worked hard to take good care of the animals, and many people have donated generously to make this possible. It is important for us to be sure that the animal is going to a good home where the animal will be loved and taken good care of. Since animal abuse is rampant in the Philippines, the adoption procedure is a multi-step process and you will need to visit the shelter more than once. We'll need to verify that the animal goes to a good home. Then you will be asked to pay an Adoption Fee, and sign an Agreement. Some key points of the agreement are as follows:

  1. Dogs may not be kept in cages.
  2. Dogs may not be tethered (tied up).
  3. Dogs may not be allowed to roam on the streets.
  4. Dogs must have means of exercise.
  5. All animals must be fed quality pet food. Table scraps, corn, or agricultural feeds are not suitable.
  6. All animals must be provided with veterinary care by a licensed veterinarian.
  7. Animals that have not been spayed or neutered by Happy Animals Club must be fixed by the adopting family.
  8. If possible, cats should be kept indoors.

Why do you charge an Adoption Fee?

You need to pay an adoption fee to prove that you are willing to spend for your pet. A lot of people seek to adopt from us just to get an animal for free. These kind of people will not spend enough money on pet food to ensure the animal stays healthy, and they will not take the animal to the veterinary clinic if it gets sick. In fact, some people just want a free animal to replace an animal that died because of neglect, or because getting a new animal is cheaper than treating an animal that got sick. If you are not willing to spend a little bit of money to adopt the animal, then you are not qualified to take care of it. It should be noted that the adoption fee we charge is much, much lower than the price of a pet from a store in the mall. The adoption fee also includes vaccinations and sterilization.

I am in Luzon, can I adopt an animal?

You can but you have to come to Davao. If that's impractical, please adopt an animal from PART, PAWS, CARA, or some other rescue organization, of which there are many in Luzon.

I am outside the Philippines, can I adopt an animal?

For now we are hoping to get the animals adopted within the country. Please adopt an animal from your local shelter instead!


Can we do an interview with Ken?

Sure, just drop us a line. Our contact info is given below.

Can we use your photos for our publication?

Please drop us a line first, and also let us know if you need higher resolution images.

Can Ken speak at our event? Be a guest of honor?

Ken is not doing the speaker circuit, sorry!

Rescue Work

Can I bring my animal to the shelter?

We're sorry but we cannot accept animals brought to the shelter. This includes animals owned by you, animals owned by third parties, and rescued animals. The reason is that we cannot do the work we do if we become a dumping ground for unwanted animals.

Can you rescue my pet? Can you pay the veterinary bills of my pet?

We sorry, but we cannot take care of privately owned animals.

I rescued an animal, can I bring it to the shelter?

No, unless you are willing to sponsor in full that animal's veterinary care and food until that animal gets adopted. We do not have enough funds for open unlimited admissions to the shelter.

Can I foster one of your animals?

Sure! Please get in touch with us.

How can I get in touch?

Thank you for your letters of support! Unfortunately, between school, feeding animals on the street, and of course taking care of the animals at the animal shelter, Ken has very little free time. He uses the computer infrequently and rarely has time for email. If you have any questions or inquiries, comments or advice, please do get in touch with Happy Animals Club staff, but please note that Ken himself will not see your email. We are very sorry about this but beg for your understanding. You can reach the Happy Animals Club admin at happyanimalsclub [at] gmail [dot] com.

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