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Happy Animals Club (official name: HAPPYANIMALSCLUB, INC) is a non-stock, non-profit corporation registered with the SEC of the Philippines. Located in Mindanao, in the provincial Philippines, Happy Animals Club is a no-kill animal shelter which came into existence thanks to the generous support of donors from all over the world.

Happy Animals Club was the first animal shelter in southern Mindanao, and as of today is still the only functioning registered animal shelter in the region.

The animal shelter came into existence when a then 9-year-old Ken was photographed feeding stray dogs on the street, and received overwhelming and generous support from people all over the world. Please see Origins for the full story of how this animal shelter came into being.

Facilities and Care
The Happy Animals Club is situated on a 700 square meter lot, with an adjacent 200 square meter Annex, used as a burial ground (there are no pet cemeteries in the Philippines).

The philosophy of the shelter's founder is to not keep dogs in cages, unless it is for a short period of time and for a very good reason. Our facilities have been designed to provide the animals as much freedom and comfort as possible.

Every dog (with the exception of Emily) is bathed with warm water at least once a week.

All animals are fed only premium dog or cat food. Fresh dog food is cooked every day in the Happy Animals Club kitchen. Many animals have been sterilized, and on average at least one animal is sterilized every week.

Management and Staffing
Happy Animals Club is run by the founder (Ken), one administrator, two assistants, and one kitchen helper. We also employ a contracted nighttime security guard. On Sundays, the staff get a day off and Ken himself does a lot of the work, including medicating and feeding the animals.

In accordance with the founder's 'philosophy' that everyone should do what they can, the objective of the Happy Animals Club is to save animals from the City Pound and the street. The shelter exists to serve animals, and caring for the animals is and always will be the number one priority. The shelter's mission is to make the animals happy, and as such the animals are treated with respect and love and afforded the best possible care, without compromise, to ensure that every animal is as happy as it can possibly be.

Over the past year we have been in operation, we have accumulated experience through at times painful and costly trial and error, and built up expertise in how to run an animal shelter in the uniquely challenging environment of the Philippines. We are still learning every day, and there are many things we still need to figure out, but we are getting a clearer and clearer idea of what the ideal animal shelter in the southern Philippines should look like and how it should function.

The objective over the coming year will be to upgrade the facilities to increase quarantine capacity, to develop an effective adoption program, and to continue providing the highest standard of care to the animals in the shelter.

The founder of Happy Animals Club received strong and generous support leading to the establishment of the animal shelter, but perhaps our greatest challenge is to secure funding to keep operating long after the buzz has died off. Please support Ken's creation and continue supporting Happy Animals Club.

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