Happy Animals Club is a non-profit no-kill animal shelter in the southern Philippines, established in 2014 thanks to supporters from around the world.

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Thank You to Our Donors
The shelter only exists thanks to those who support it financially. Thank you to all our donors for helping the animals!
Anonymous Donor donated US$20
6 hours ago
Anonymous Donor donated US$300
10 hours ago
In Memory of Brownie donated US$38
16 hours ago
Shane T donated US$38
17 hours ago
Andrea da Italia donated US$118
22 hours ago
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Instant Photo Updates
Photo updates are posted daily via mobile phone, in near real time. To comment on the photos, follow the shelter on Instagram.
One day ago
brownie has passed away. we found her unresponsive at 3:15 pm today (june 24, 2018). the cause of death is alm...
One day ago
nebulization helps clear the airways and improves the ability to smell food. gail's appetite was better in the...
2 days ago
brownie is in really bad shape. she can't keep food or pills down, she keeps coughing and retching, her breath...
2 days ago
we had to force-feed brownie; she stopped eating altogether since going on medication

later, she threw it all up

2 days ago
distemper makes it hard to breathe, so the clinic recommened that we nebulize gail with saline

we were able ...

3 days ago
apart from a quick walkie in the morning, gail has spent the day in the oxygen chamber her arrival in the she...
4 days ago
gail was waiting for her turn when her head started shaking. not good
4 days ago
gail, brownie, and tipper are at a clinic brownie and tipper haven't been eating. gail has been throwing up a...
4 days ago
brownie, one of three dogs whose rescue led to the inception of the shelter, hasn't been eating well. dewormin...
5 days ago
gail is so skinny that she gets cold easily even when it's very hot
5 days ago
gail ate a good amount but also vomited a lot. she was energetic and eager to eat when she arrived earlier tod...
5 days ago
gail has interesting eyes. they are baby blue with blotches of dark brown. we're not sure if it's iris melanom...
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Story Updates
POSTED BY Admin DATE September 6, 2017
The HAPPIER ANIMALS I Mass Spay/Neuter Event
On August 26 and 27 of 2017, something amazing happened. We were able to hold a mass spay/neuter event, during which almost 500 dogs and cats were fixed. This is all thanks to the incredible [ CONT ]
POSTED BY Admin DATE February 1, 2017
January Rescue Highlights
At the Happy Animals Club animal shelter and sanctuary we prefer to be understaffed than overstaffed. It means donations won't be wasted on someone parking their butt while waiting for something [ CONT ]
POSTED BY Admin DATE September 28, 2016
The Price of Freedom
At the shelter we cook our own dog food every day, using animal byproducts and sources of fiber such as black rice or potatoes. We have a 50-liter commercial pressure cooker and an industrial [ CONT ]
POSTED BY Admin DATE June 16, 2016
Mama and Baby Rescue
We were in the city to get some documents when we saw a small calico kitten lying in a flower pot in front of Better Components, a store selling musical instruments. Ken touched her to see [ CONT ]
POSTED BY Admin DATE June 8, 2016
Professor's Road to Recovery
On February 14, 2016, we rescued a little dog in very poor condition. He was extremely emaciated and covered in fleas. He also had ehrlichiosis, mange, a fungal infection, teeth that were [ CONT ]
POSTED BY Admin DATE June 7, 2016
Our Greatest Challenge: Getting Animals Adopted
As an animal shelter, we want to rescue more dogs. But we can't easily rescue dogs, because the shelter is overcrowded. The solution to rescuing more dogs is to make room in the shelter [ CONT ]
POSTED BY Admin DATE June 2, 2016
Animal Abuse in the Philippines
Although many pets in the Philippines are loved and taken care of well, as much as one third of all pets, perhaps even more, are kept in conditions which in developed countries would be [ CONT ]
POSTED BY Admin DATE April 15, 2016
We Rescued a Burn Victim
A little tabby cat was sitting on a ledge near our treasurer's house. Since he was so cute, we reached out to pet him. When he turned, a large wound was revealed on his neck. He was also [ CONT ]
POSTED BY Admin DATE April 14, 2016
Andrew's First Bath
Andrew is one of the kittens Ken rescued as newborns . Having bottle-fed them almost since birth, Ken and the kittens formed a strong bond of trust. Here's Andrew getting his first ever [ CONT ]
POSTED BY Admin DATE April 14, 2016
How a Belgian Malinois Came to the Shelter
In the Philippines, like in many other countries, mutts are dismissed and even despised, while pure-bred dogs are valued highly. Pure-breed dogs are called 'imported' in the Philippines [ CONT ]
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Fund a Fix
These residents of Happy Animals Club are in need of sponsors so they can be spayed/neutered and live happier lives. Since we currently have no option but to pay commercial rates at local clinics for the procedures, sponsorship of their operations would be very much appreciated. To sponsor a spay/neuter please just click the red button under the profile photo. Thank you!

US$ 102
Funded by: Anonymous Donor

US$ 61
Funded by: Anonymous Donor

US$ 61
Funded by: Hercules the Dog

US$ 24
Funded by: Simon, Teddy, & Savannah

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