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Happy Animals Club was founded in 2014 when photos of our founder, who was 9 years old at the time, feeding street dogs went sort of viral. A lot of kind people from all over the world helped him set up a makeshift animal shelter.

Since then HAC has rescued, rehabilitated and rehomed hundreds of dogs and cats, as well as some other species.

In 2017 we organized a spay-and-neuter event in conjunction with the PPBCC Foundation, and sterilized 485 dogs and cats. We have flown animals to the capital Manila for surgery and set up an intercontinental monitoring system to help a rat recover from surgery.

Everything we do is thanks to our amazing, stalwart donors who have contributed so much of their wealth over the years to keep the shelter going. They are true heroes.

Our First Rescue


This is Whitey.​ She was rescued in 2014 and was the reason why so many people helped set up this animal shelter.

Our Founder


Ken was 9 years old when his story about feeding street dogs went viral. A lot of people pitched in to help him set up his shelter.

Adoptable dogs
Adoptable cats
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