Happy Animals Club is a non-profit no-kill animal shelter in the southern Philippines, established in 2014 thanks to supporters from around the world.

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Thank You to Our Donors
The shelter only exists thanks to those who support it financially. Thank you to all our donors for helping the animals!
Anonymous Donor paid for Dog Soap (Petgard)
2 hours ago
Opal the kitten donated US$25
10 hours ago
Tracy de Leon paid for Can of Recovery
13 hours ago
Tracy de Leon paid for Whiskas (5 Cans)
13 hours ago
Tracy de Leon paid for Black Rice (5kg)
13 hours ago
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Instant Photo Updates
Photo updates are posted daily via mobile phone, in near real time. To comment on the photos, follow the shelter on Instagram.
1 hour ago
next it was itty's turn. she was scared at first but quickly calmed down when ken put her in the water
1 hour ago
bitty was very well-behaved during her bath\n\n#happyanimalsittybittykitty
2 hours ago
itty and bitty were carrying fleas like their sister kitty, so ken gave them a bath with anti-flea shampoo. bi...
14 hours ago
on thursday night we found a weak kitten on the other side of the shelter compound wall, in a dark and seclude...
16 hours ago
we paid speedy's bill at the clinic today. it came to p31,222 or US$637\n\n#whereyourdonationsgo
20 hours ago
we found a flea on salsa so we immediately frontlined her and her flatmates. all three of them were very well-behaved
One day ago
tomato and potato outgrew their unit so we made a bespoke cat flat, with some improvements over the first one ...
One day ago
earlier today, bobby and the clinic's assistant watched a hollwood b movie dubbed into tagalog on tv, while th...
One day ago
every night there is some kind of wrench in the works. tonight's wrench was that there was a distraction while...
2 days ago
bobby, sven and robert are at the clinic. bobby and sven are getting their shots, while robert has a burst abcess
2 days ago
little kitty was carrying fleas so we had to give her a bath. she rather enjoyed it
2 days ago
the newly rescued kitten wouldn't eat on her own, but color returned to her nose almost immediately after we f...
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Shelter Needs
The shelter is in need of the following items and seeking sponsors who can help us pay for them. Your sponsorship of any of these items would be deeply appreciated!

Nutri-Plus Gel
US$ 9

Dog Soap (3 Bars)
US$ 4

US$ 1

Scoop Away Kitty Litter
US$ 20

Dewormer for Cats (60ml)
US$ 7

LC-VIT Liquid Multivitamin
US$ 5

Raw Gizzard (10kg)
US$ 14
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Story Updates
POSTED BY Admin DATE February 1, 2017
January Rescue Highlights
At the Happy Animals Club animal shelter and sanctuary we prefer to be understaffed than overstaffed. It means donations won't be wasted on someone parking their butt while waiting for something [ CONT ]
POSTED BY Admin DATE September 28, 2016
The Price of Freedom
At the shelter we cook our own dog food every day, using animal byproducts and sources of fiber such as black rice or potatoes. We have a 50-liter commercial pressure cooker and an industrial [ CONT ]
POSTED BY Admin DATE June 16, 2016
Mama and Baby Rescue
We were in the city to get some documents when we saw a small calico kitten lying in a flower pot in front of Better Components, a store selling musical instruments. Ken touched her to see [ CONT ]
POSTED BY Admin DATE June 8, 2016
Professor's Road to Recovery
On February 14, 2016, we rescued a little dog in very poor condition. He was extremely emaciated and covered in fleas. He also had ehrlichiosis, mange, a fungal infection, teeth that were [ CONT ]
POSTED BY Admin DATE June 7, 2016
Our Greatest Challenge: Getting Animals Adopted
As an animal shelter, we want to rescue more dogs. But we can't easily rescue dogs, because the shelter is overcrowded. The solution to rescuing more dogs is to make room in the shelter [ CONT ]
POSTED BY Admin DATE June 2, 2016
Animal Abuse in the Philippines
Although many pets in the Philippines are loved and taken care of well, as much as one third of all pets, perhaps even more, are kept in conditions which in developed countries would be [ CONT ]
POSTED BY Admin DATE April 15, 2016
We Rescued a Burn Victim
A little tabby cat was sitting on a ledge near our treasurer's house. Since he was so cute, we reached out to pet him. When he turned, a large wound was revealed on his neck. He was also [ CONT ]
POSTED BY Admin DATE April 14, 2016
Andrew's First Bath
Andrew is one of the kittens Ken rescued as newborns . Having bottle-fed them almost since birth, Ken and the kittens formed a strong bond of trust. Here's Andrew getting his first ever [ CONT ]
POSTED BY Admin DATE April 14, 2016
How a Belgian Malinois Came to the Shelter
In the Philippines, like in many other countries, mutts are dismissed and even despised, while pure-bred dogs are valued highly. Pure-breed dogs are called 'imported' in the Philippines [ CONT ]
POSTED BY Admin DATE March 27, 2016
Happy Easter!
This Easter, Ken decided to celebrate Easter by holding an Easter egg hunt for the shelter dogs. We made Easter eggs out of dog food, hid them around Dog Yard 1, and then let the dogs enjoy [ CONT ]
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Fund a Fix
These residents of Happy Animals Club are in need of sponsors so they can be spayed or neutered. Sponsorship of their operations would be very much appreciated! 100% of the sponsorship amount goes towards the procedure.

US$ 104
Funded by: Anonymous Donor

US$ 104
Funded by: cruz

US$ 72
Funded by: Sasha the Cocker Spaniel

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