Happy Animals Club is a non-profit no-kill animal shelter in the southern Philippines, established in 2014 thanks to supporters from around the world.

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Story Updates
POSTED BY Admin DATE November 13, 2015
Help Us Name These Kittens! [UPDATED]
Two small kittens were rescued from the roadside on Friday, November 6. The two kittens, both boys, are the shelter's 23rd and 24th cats. Ken heard two kittens meowing in the bushes. He [ CONT ]
POSTED BY Admin DATE November 5, 2015
Scotch Has Found a Home!
Not surprisingly, ridiculously photogenic kitten Scotch has found a forever home. New owner Gwen discovered Happy Animals Club while searching online for a cat to adopt, and visited the [ CONT ]
POSTED BY Admin DATE November 3, 2015
All Soul's Day
Like last year, Ken spent All Soul's Day at the Happy Animals Club pet cemetery. Unlike last year , when the only occupants were Dipper and Moo, this year a lively reunion took place with [ CONT ]
POSTED BY Admin DATE October 31, 2015
Sweety Pie's Road to Recovery
On October 14, Ken saw a dog with a large open wound. She was approachable and friendly, and had chafing on her neck due to the chain she was dragging around. After asking around in the [ CONT ]
POSTED BY Ken DATE October 30, 2015
On August 26, 2015, I saw a very thin cat sitting on the side of the road. When I went near her, she didn't move. I fed her a can of Friskies. I am thankful to the donors of Happy Animals [ CONT ]
POSTED BY Admin DATE October 5, 2015
Videos of Ying & Yang
Ying and Yang are two brothers who were dumped outside the shelter in April, 2015. Here is a clip from a few days after they were brought into the shelter. Come September, 2015, they had [ CONT ]
POSTED BY Ken DATE September 8, 2015
Churchie Finally Rescued!
Churchie is a street dog I was feeding occasionally for almost a year. On the way back from school, we pass by an evangelical church. Sometimes we'd see a bunch of skinny dogs hanging out [ CONT ]
POSTED BY Admin DATE September 7, 2015
Introducing: Ridiculously Photogenic Kitten
Not for the first time, someone dumped a kitten outside Happy Animals Club, at the foot of a banana tree next to the corner of the shelter. Ken heard it meowing on the other side of the [ CONT ]
POSTED BY Admin DATE August 7, 2015
Hyena Before and After
When Hyena was rescued from the street she was in pretty much the same condition most dogs arriving at the club are in: emaciated, starving, terrified, and suffering from mange. After unlimited [ CONT ]
POSTED BY Ken DATE August 6, 2015
Cleopatra Rescue [UPDATED!]
Over the past few days I kept seeing two tiny puppies on the way to school. They were just wandering around on the street, completely ignoring the traffic. They were in danger of getting [ CONT ]
POSTED BY Admin DATE August 4, 2015
Ceiling's Transformation
Ceiling is a feral cat who somehow got trapped in the attic of the building where the veterinary clinic is located. The vet broke the ceiling to get him out. Ceiling had just been rescued [ CONT ]
POSTED BY Admin DATE February 16, 2014 Retroactive Update Posted August 3, 2015
One Miracle Wasn't Enough
Cappy was rescued from the City Pound on December 23, 2014. He had already lost one eye to infection, and the remaining eye looked bad as well. He also had a respiratory infection. Unfortunately [ CONT ]
POSTED BY Admin DATE August 1, 2015
What We Feed the Dogs
Initially, we fed the dogs regular dog food, canned as well as kibble. But some dogs had skin issues, so on the advice of our vet we switched to premium dog food after a few months. Premium [ CONT ]
POSTED BY Admin DATE July 28, 2015
Shrine Puppies Then and Now
On December 19, 2014, Ken rescued six puppies from the road leading up to a church called Shrine Hills. He initially found five, but went back later on a hunch that there might be stragglers: [ CONT ]
POSTED BY Admin DATE July 28, 2015
Daughter and Mother Rescue
While hauling lumber to the club, we found a small starving puppy, accompanied by its mother, trotting along the roadside. They were maintaining a brisk pace, sniffing at garbage, scavenging [ CONT ]
POSTED BY Admin DATE February 28, 2015 Retroactive Update Posted July 27, 2015
Friends to the End
Cappy and Bear were rescued together from the City Pound on December 23, 2014. Cappy was a small one-eyed dog who acted like a puppy. Bear was a big, friendly dog who at first seemed to [ CONT ]
POSTED BY Admin DATE July 25, 2015
How to Walk a Dog in a Tropical Country
Humans need exercise for their physical health, but dogs need exercise for their mental health. If a dog doesn't get enough exercise, it will bark like crazy and destroy things. Since Blackie [ CONT ]
POSTED BY Ken DATE July 25, 2015
Adoption Drive
In February a volunteer from Australia came to the club. Her name is Taylor. She loves animals. Many people wrote to us and said they wanted to volunteer at the club, but Taylor was the [ CONT ]
POSTED BY Ken DATE October 5, 2014 Retroactive Update Posted July 24, 2015
Bubblz the Bobblehead
I was in Lanang, far away from the shelter, when I found a small weak kitten at a car wash. It belonged to the three-year-old son of two of the workers at the car wash. He told me the kitten [ CONT ]
POSTED BY Admin DATE July 22, 2015
The Feeding Bays
There are basically two types of dogs, fast eaters and slow eaters. The fast eaters will wolf down as much as you will give them, and then start stealing other dogs' food. The slow eaters [ CONT ]
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