Happy Animals Club is a non-profit no-kill animal shelter in the southern Philippines, established in 2014 thanks to supporters from around the world.

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Thank You to Our Donors
The shelter only exists thanks to the donors who support it financially. Thank you to all our donors for helping us help the animals!
7 hours ago
Kelsie Robertson
14 hours ago
Andrew Brown
USD 35
One day ago
Evelyn S. Garcia
USD 10
2 days ago
Elke Mönch
USD 28
2 days ago
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Instant Photo Updates
Photo updates are posted several times a day via mobile phone, in near real time. To post comments on the photos, follow the shelter on Instagram.
9 hours ago
happiness is a box and someone to share it with
15 hours ago
ramses is smiling because he doesn't know that the deceitful ape creatures that take care of him are bringing ...
17 hours ago
junior is the heftiest mixed-breed dog in the shelter. but he's a little puppy at heart
19 hours ago
muffin's wound now
One day ago
breaktime with muffin
One day ago
we posted on facebook announcing that frappuccino is available for adoption, and we posted it here on instagra...
One day ago
maia says pet me please
One day ago
nap time in the kitten room. from left to right and fore to back, andrew, demeter, paco, arthur, zeus, abby, p...
One day ago
what's left of isbel's bedding and the unrepentant perpetrator
2 days ago
good morning from shelby, who says "adopt me please"
2 days ago
mystique's going to get dinner and she's going to like it
2 days ago
separating bones from meat
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Story Updates
POSTED BY Admin DATE April 15, 2016
We Rescued a Burn Victim
A little tabby cat was sitting on a ledge near our treasurer's house. Since he was so cute, we reached out to pet him. When he turned, a large wound was revealed on his neck. He was also [ CONT ]
POSTED BY Admin DATE April 14, 2016
Andrew's First Bath
Andrew is one of the kittens Ken rescued as newborns . Having bottle-fed them almost since birth, Ken and the kittens formed a strong bond of trust. Here's Andrew getting his first ever [ CONT ]
POSTED BY Admin DATE April 14, 2016
How a Belgian Malinois Came to the Shelter
In the Philippines, like in many other countries, mutts are dismissed and even despised, while pure-bred dogs are valued highly. Pure-breed dogs are called 'imported' in the Philippines [ CONT ]
POSTED BY Admin DATE March 27, 2016
Happy Easter!
This Easter, Ken decided to celebrate Easter by holding an Easter egg hunt for the shelter dogs. We made Easter eggs out of dog food, hid them around Dog Yard 1, and then let the dogs enjoy [ CONT ]
POSTED BY Admin DATE March 17, 2016
Churchie is Looking a Lot Better!
When Churchie was first rescued , she was very skinny and had barely any fur. She was also very fearful of humans; she was only alive because she was paranoid and dashed into scrubland at [ CONT ]
POSTED BY Admin DATE February 23, 2016
Where Your Donations Went
The shelter received extraordinarily generous donations during the holidays in December. A large part of that went towards feeding street dogs and cats . Here's how we used the rest. Treats [ CONT ]
POSTED BY Admin DATE February 23, 2016
Give a Dog a Bone!
Thanks to generous donations received over Christmas in 2015, we were able to spend funds on numerous necessities, as well as some luxuries, such as two beef bones for the dogs. The bones [ CONT ]
POSTED BY Admin DATE February 23, 2016
Meet Tawny!
On the way back from purchasing a new scale for weighing the dogs, we noticed a little one-eyed dog sniffing at garbage by the roadside. It looked skinny, so we did what we always do: we [ CONT ]
POSTED BY Admin DATE February 21, 2016
Baby Kitten Rescue
As an animal shelter in the Philippines, where there are numerous stray animals in poor condition, we specialize in difficult rescues. However, one of the most challenging rescues we've [ CONT ]
POSTED BY Admin DATE February 21, 2016
Professor Has Survived One Week!
We found the thinnest dog we've ever seen trotting along the street just outside the club. The animal shelter is pretty crowded these days, but it would have been too unjust for this little [ CONT ]
POSTED BY Admin DATE February 8, 2016
Christmas Street Feeding Update!
Thank you to everyone who donated so generously to help us feed street dogs and cats on Christmas Day! We were able to buy a lot of canned dog and cat food for feeding strays. The goal of [ CONT ]
POSTED BY Admin DATE December 31, 2015
Happy New Year!
A big thank you to everyone who supported the shelter in 2015! Thanks to you the animals in our care were well taken care of and numerous animals in need were rescued. The shelter faced [ CONT ]
POSTED BY Admin DATE December 22, 2015
Christmas Street Feeding Drive!
This Christmas, we'll be celebrating by spreading joy to street dogs, as far and wide as possible. We decorated the shelter truck, and on Christmas Day, we'll be distributing dog food to [ CONT ]
POSTED BY Admin DATE December 22, 2015
We Captured a Bunch of Cats and Neutered/Spayed Them!
Every neighborhood in the Philippines has at least one eatery, and every eatery has an extended family of feral cats hanging around. They survive on fish bones and other leftovers. Because [ CONT ]
POSTED BY Admin DATE December 6, 2015
The Story of Friendster, the Friendly Dog
On Saturdays or holidays, time allowing, it is Happy Animals Club policy to try and take one of the shelter dogs to the park or the beach. They love to be taken off the leash and allowed [ CONT ]
POSTED BY Admin DATE November 26, 2015
This Girl Needs a Name! [UPDATED]
A female kitten was rescued under unusual circumstances a couple of weeks ago. Normally, we find abandoned kittens by the roadside, in desperate need of attention and getting none. But this [ CONT ]
POSTED BY Admin DATE November 13, 2015
Help Us Name These Kittens! [UPDATED]
Two small kittens were rescued from the roadside on Friday, November 6. The two kittens, both boys, are the shelter's 23rd and 24th cats. Ken heard two kittens meowing in the bushes. He [ CONT ]
POSTED BY Admin DATE November 5, 2015
Scotch Has Found a Home!
Not surprisingly, ridiculously photogenic kitten Scotch has found a forever home. New owner Gwen discovered Happy Animals Club while searching online for a cat to adopt, and visited the [ CONT ]
POSTED BY Admin DATE November 3, 2015
All Soul's Day
Like last year, Ken spent All Soul's Day at the Happy Animals Club pet cemetery. Unlike last year , when the only occupants were Dipper and Moo, this year a lively reunion took place with [ CONT ]
POSTED BY Admin DATE October 31, 2015
Sweety Pie's Road to Recovery
On October 14, Ken saw a dog with a large open wound. She was approachable and friendly, and had chafing on her neck due to the chain she was dragging around. After asking around in the [ CONT ]
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Fund a Fix
These residents of Happy Animals Club are in need of sponsors so they can be spayed or neutered. Thanks to a special arrangement with a local veterinary clinic, whereby we supply all the materials for the operation, we are able to get animals fixed for a lot less than before (only about 1/2 or 2/3 of normal market rates). We are no longer able to send receipts to the sponsors, and it may take a while before the operation is carried out, as materials have to be procured first, but you will still absolutely receive a post-op photo of the animal you got fixed!

PHP 5,000 or US$ 111
Funded by: Kimc2016, Ty and Julie

PHP 5,000 or US$ 111

PHP 3,500 or US$ 77

PHP 3,500 or US$ 77
Funded by: Georgie Hart

PHP 5,000 or US$ 111

PHP 3,500 or US$ 77

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