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February 23, 2014

we got some donations and Today was sunday so my father took us to the store and i bought the biggest pack of dog food. i also bought a lot of canned dog food for white Puppy.

On the way to the store i fed the dogs as usual but only white puppy was there this time.

February 26, 2014

this is hoppy,I call him Hoppy because his left back leg doesn't work and he hops around he likes to hop around the neighborhood and i can only feed him some times.

February 27, 2014

i am so excited because , today was a big day for me and the family of stray dogs!

we still didn't have enough money to have a place to have a animal shelter so first my father asked his friends and both he and his friends turned our garage into a small pet shelter for white puppy and his family to stay for the mean time.

our small animal shelter has a wall to keep our own dogs from getting mange from white puppy and his is my dog Chulo on the other side of the wall.

The dogs were brave enough and trusted me so they could come very near me that's how i took the dogs here. We also bought 4 dog bowls for white puppy and his family but i wasn't able to get Hoppy because i didn't see him so for now only White Puppy,Blackie and Brownie are staying with us.

we invited the vet Doctor G into our garage to check on the dogs and he scrapped some skin off the dogs to find out what kind of mange they have.he also injected them to help weaken the mange.

Doctor G said,i have to give them a bath with a special shampoo for their mange with warm water.i hope they will get better soon so someone will adopt them but Doctor G said it will take a while.

March 1, 2014

today me and father gave the family of stray dogs a was probably the first time that these dogs took a bath.They were very scared and very dirty.we scrubbed a special soap that makes them get healthier and gets rid of the took a long time to give them a bath because we have to keep the special soap on their skin for 15 minutes and then you have to keep a special shampoo on their skin for 30 minutes.they do look much cleaner now but while we were giving them a bath Brownie pooped twice! after giving them a bath my father cleaned the bath with bleach and i fed the dogs a lot because they were hungry. and in a few days from now we will do it again.

March 3, 2014

We took some pictures of White puppy after her second bath. before it was hard to see anything because of dirt








this was a few days ago she is already starting to look better

March 8, 2014

my dad built a dog house and i made a sign.some times all 3 of them stay inside But blackie likes to lie down under the floor when its hot

March 13, 2014

The injuries on Brownie' s head are now completely closed! Before they looked like this.

March 21, 2014

i am very sorry that i haven't given news or new pictures these days.we had a lot of busy things this closing program for school.its already the summer vacation here in the philippines.

my dad was a little busy today to take pictures so i took a selfie with brownie.

March 22, 2014

i found that the dogs were chewing a piece of wood.

so i got them some dentastix to chew on.they loved them and ate them very quickly! i gave them one stick each.

brownie always likes to eat inside the dog house.

isnt she cute

april 20, 2014

today was Easter Sunday so my dad said he would take us to an easter egg hunt.i said that i wanted to take the rescue dogs to the park and we went to a park where i play soccer.the dogs were so happy they ran around and chased each other and drank a lot of water.i think it was their first time in a wide open place because at first they were scared to walk on the grass.

in the car on the way was their first time in a car but they got used it to right dad was worried about the dogs puking or pooping in the car but they behaved all the way.

May 6, 2014

We've been having a lot of blackouts (we call them brownouts) lately because there isn't enough electricity for everyone. The power company shuts down the power a lot, sometimes 6 hours a day. If it goes on for more than 3 hours the water also goes off, and sometimes it doesn't come back on that day. This is the reason why Blackie hasn't had her operation yet.

May 20, 2014 - meet Dipper

Today at 7:00 in the morning Danny, a guy from the neighborhood who knows I rescue animals came to our house and delivered a very small puppy and asked me to take care of it. He is a very nice puppy with a white tip on his tail but he is very thin and sick. When I weighted him the scale said 0.0.

I gave him food but he only ate a little bit. He was really dirty so I gave him a really hot bath but he still has ticks in his ears.

I took him to our vet Dr G and he put him an IV in him. He explained that the crust on the eyes means he has an infection.

The vet asked me to leave Dipper at the clinic. He later pooped 2 different kinds of worms. There were a lot of worms.

Happy Animals Club has received a lot of attention and I got a lot of emails, I'm sorry I haven't replied to them yet, I was going to do that today but I spent most of the day with Dipper. I promise I will write emails tomorrow.